Group Training

Group Training

My group fitness training has evolved over thousands of hours training health-seekers just like you. I do not offer Boot Camp, so I will not treat you like you’re in the army. But I do bring out the best in you in my supportive way, and take your fitness to new levels with the personalised attention you receive in my small groups. I challenge you to work as hard as YOU can, so there is no pressure to do more than you’re capable of. It’s all about YOU, improving your fitness, health and wellbeing, in a fun and supportive environment with other like-minded fitness fans!

Variety is key to effective training and a balanced body so we train at different outdoor locations each week, and keep these sessions constantly varied to make them fun and keep you motivated. Grandstands, bodyweight circuits, interval training, partner workouts, sprints, endurance, I’m always mixing it up to keep your body and mind inspired.

Sessions are held on Saturday mornings at 7:30am at Montefiore Hill North Adelaide, Convention Centre Stairs, Kensington Oval, and Victoria Park.

Enlist a friend and start your fitness campaign today!