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$89.00 inc. GST

A detailed 12-week strength and conditioning program perfect for starter trainees on a mission to get fitter and stronger.


Product Description

Do you feel lost, confused, and overwhelmed at the gym?

Are on a mission to get fitter and stronger?

Do you want to navigate your way around the gym confidently and with purpose?

Then this beginner program is perfect for you!

What is it?

‘Initiate’ is both an educational resource, and a progressive 12-week strength and conditioning program.

Inside you will find:

  • 145 beautifully designed pages of education, motivation, and inspiration!
  • A detailed 12-week strength and conditioning program
  • The one principle that guarantees your success and how to make it work for you
  • In-depth explanations of the equipment used for strength training
  • In-depth explanations of training terms
  • Access to my complete video demonstration library so you can hone your technique
  • Mind-set lessons
  • Fit tips
  • And so much more

Everything you need to feel comfortable in the weights room and make a solid start on your training journey is here!

Who is it for?

  • Starter to intermediate level trainees of any age* with little or no gym experience who want to become fitter, leaner, and stronger
  • Starter trainees who have always wanted to do weight training but didn’t have the knowledge or confidence to start

Strength training changed my life, and as a Coach, over many years of working with people I have seen it change their lives. If you’re ready, let it change your life too.

Let’s do this!

Please note – you need access to a training facility to do this program. And you must be in good physical health, and uninjured to undertake this program.