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HIT Collection

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Join the revolution and receive 50 of my best high-intensity cardio workouts that myself, my physique athletes, and my PT clients use to get in peak physical condition!


Product Description

I have something exciting to share with you – 50 of my best high-intensity cardio workouts that will get you in the best shape of your life! These are some of the exact workouts I prescribe the physique athletes I train to get them in peak condition and ready for the stage. And they’re also the workouts I use on a daily basis to get my PT clients super-fit, super-healthy, and super-lean!

I won’t lie… these workouts will test you on every level and push you to your limits! But your reward? A fitter, leaner, healthier and stronger body!

    • Suitable for beginner through to advanced level trainees
    • 4 minutes to 45 minute workouts so there is no excuse!
    • Train at home or at the gym
    • Bodyweight, kettlebells, battle ropes, skipping ropes, slam balls, barbells, dumbbells, cardio equipment etc.

Download your copy now and start your fitness journey today!